April 23, 2011

You rushed home from work, tore off your shoes and bent over the couch to kiss me where I was stationed, on the couch with your laptop. Even though you had just worked a 7 hour shift, your eyes sparkled and you were excited about being home. You walked into your room and began singing softly, I put down your computer and followed your voice to your room. There I found you, one hand on your hip and one hand cupping your face, your lips pursed. Your eyes searched the floor for the pertinent article of clothing as I came in and sat silently on the steps in your room. You looked up, noticing me and  gracefully tiptoed through the array of items on your floor, over to me on the steps and bent at the waist, Your defined thigh muscles showing themselves and your famous necklace dangled in front of me. You reached up and touched the left side of my face, and kissed me on my right cheek, Pulling away and looking me in the eye and holding my gaze. Then gently, you kissed my lips and were gone. 

And suddenly, I was laying on my bed with my laptop on my chest, staring at my geology homework. I hate unintentionally napping. 

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