March 30, 2011
There is Something to be said for sharing a Twin Sized Bed.

This phrase has been rolling around in my head for sometime now…

I feel like sharing a twin bed with someone for an extended amount of time somehow brings you closer… It’s as though you spend the night, or you spend the day, or well… both… It’s as though you spend life in this bed, and whether you realize it or not, you become closer with that person by leaps and bounds… It’s as though in the night, when you’re least expecting it, your hearts, or your souls… Possibly your minds become attached by these threads… These threads that become increasingly evident as you are more and more removed from each other… It’s as though we are somehow attached by the sheets, as though you became entangled in the covers and each other and can’t find your way out yet… I’m not sure as to if this is a feeling that comes along with just living with someone or if any  particular experience… It’s just that twin beds make you sleep closer and almost force you to hold one another during sleep… In today’s world of unfeeling and cold hard technology, it feels like you get a lot of your personal contact out of that person as you sleep… Every night we slept at midnight, almost on the dot. It was easy to crawl into the cold bed knowing that your shape would be curled against mine, there to wake up to. Here I am at 4AM with an empty bed and a bad case of insomnia. Come back so I can sleep again. 

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